Trade in Gold and precious metals in Kenya

Amadi & Amadi Advocates has over 10 years experience and exposure in the trade of Minerals, Gold and precious stones in Kenya.

We provide end to end legal services in the gold trade in Kenya. From Buyer protection, registration, Licensing, International trade, certificates of origin, testing, buyer / seller agreements, purchase and payment terms agreements and related services

We provide an all secure transaction environment and buyer protection in Kenya..

How to buy gold in Kenya

Gold and Precious stones business can be time consuming, insecure and covered with alot of uncertainty. Amadi advocates provides a platform where both Buyer and seller make end to end agreements and client accounts for protection of Both Buyer and seller. We provide secure storage agreements, secure collateral, due diligence and related services.

For querries on mineral and precious stone trade email au@amadiadvocates.com

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