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Trademark Registration Service, Kenya

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A Trademark or Brand registration helps protect against intellectual property infringement and use of creative works by third parties to the registered creative work.

In Kenya, registration of Trade Marks is governed by the Trade Marks Act Cap 506. A Trade mark is generally defined to include names, drawing, pictures, monograms or a combination of the mentioned can be registered as trade Marks under the Law.


How to register a Trademark in Kenya.

  1. Name of a company, individual or firm making the application.
  2. Signature or seal of the applicant for registration or some predecessor in his business.
  3. An invented word or invented words; A word or words having no direct reference to the character or quality of the goods, and not being according to its ordinary signification a geographical name or a surname.
  4. Any other distinctive mark.

Trademark Registration process in Kenya.

Trade mark Name Search.
A preliminary Search is conducted to find out whether the trademark can be registered or not and also whether there exists in the records a trademark which could be confused with the intended trade mark. An application for a Name search is done by the applicant or his agent via Form TM27.

Trade Mark Application. TM2.
Upon the preliminary search approval by the registrar of Trade Marks an application made to the Registrar on form TM 2 accompanied by seven (7) representations of the mark.

Where the application for Trade Mark is done by an Agent of the applicant. The application shall include a Form TM1 – Form for appointment of agent.
The application is accompanied by Form TM 32 – For entry of the address of service in Kenya.

Examination of Trade Mark

The formal process of registration of a Trade Mark in Kenya commences with three stages of Examination.

  • Formality examination – A scrutiny of the documents and purpose of the application if in order and legible for processing of the trademark.
  • Search – a secondary search is conducted by the registrar of Trade marks to ascertain that there is no similar or closely resembling mark on the Register of Trade Marks in Kenya.
  • Substantive Examination – The Mark and description are examined to ensure its distinctiveness and uniqueness.

Upon successful examination and where the Registrar of Trade Marks is satisfied that the application is proper, the application is advertised and published in the KIPI journal to allow interested parties to raise objections to the pending application if any. The advertisement is for 60 days.

Where there is no objection in the mandatory 60 days after publication in the journal, the process of registration begins. The mark shall be registered as at the date of application for Registration.

Protection of a Trade Mark In Kenya.

A registered trade Mark is protected for a period of 10 years from the date of registration in Kenya. Six months prior to the expiry of the 10 years, the Registrar shall notify the Trade mark owners in writing of the impending expiry date.

Requirements for registration of a Trademark in Kenya.

  • Proposed Trade Mark name for name search approval.
  • Proposed Art Work and Trade mark description. In soft and Hard copy
  • Names of the applicant /s in Full.
  • Postal address for the Applicant.
  • Proposed Physical address of the Applicants. Address includes road, plot number, town, county / Country.
  • Copy of Registration certificates where applicants is a Business.


Persons Qualified to register a trade mark in Kenya.

The following are eligible to register a Trademark In Kenya as long as they meet the threshold of the Act.

  • Individuals.
  • Legal firms
  • Companies
  • cooperatives.
  • Society


The following information shall be required.

  • Name of the individual, firm, cooperative society or company making the application.
  • Nationality of the applicant. As this determines the cost.
  • representation of the proposed trade mark.
  • Contact information of the applicant. Postal address, email address, Telephone number and physical address.


Categories of of Trade Marks in Kenya.

Trademarks in Kenya are categorized in accordance to the international Classification of goods and services as provided for under the NICE protocol.

A Trade Mark may be registered under any of the 45 Classes or a combination of any of the classes subject to the Nature of goods and services.

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