If an insurance company denies a valid claim, you may sue on a tort claim in addition to breach of contract. You paid a premium and they owe you a fair compensation in return. Filing such a claim can allow a policyholder to recover an amount greater than the original policy if “bad faith” has occurred in some way. Such behavior as refusing to settle a case, stalling, or improper investigation by the insurance company are just a few examples of “bad faith” actions. It is their duty to honor your policy, yet this isn’t always the case. Unfair treatment gives you the right to compensation


Bad Faith Insurance Claims
An insurance policy is a contract, but there is no guarantee that an insurance company will actually comply with the terms of the insurance policy. At times this is simply the result of a mistake on the part of the insurance company. In many cases however, a company will knowingly and intentionally make decisions that are contrary to the duties and obligations they owe to you, their insured. Amadi & Amadi Advocates will successfully represented you in bad faith insurance claims such as these.
Bad faith claims can result from an insurance company’s handling of motor vehicle policies, life insurance policies, short and long-term disability policies, and any other type of insurance policies. At Amadi & Amadi Advocates we understand how to interpret complex policies and work tenaciously to pursue the compensation our clients deserve.


Commonly Denied Insurance Claims
Many of the cases we accept involve the following types of insurance:
• Life insurance
• Auto insurance
• Health insurance
• Disability insurance
Receiving an insurance claim denial can be devastating and overwhelming. Many times, the complex paperwork required and the powers that you are up against can be extremely discouraging. It is important in the case of a denial to understand that you must appeal the decision before the statute of limitations runs out. Working with our law firm will dramatically increase your chances of success and reduce the stress associated with the process.